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Our food is prepared using only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices. Our family tradition is to cook from the heart with recipes handed down from generation to generation, which has evolved into Portuguese Cuisine with an African Influence.


The menu has, from its inception, earned a reputation for its flame grilled chickens and platters piled high with pan-fried prawns, smothered with a blend of spices, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

The South African desire for red meat remains unabated so Beira Alta serves unashamedly large portions, smothered in Chef’s unique sauces, guaranteed to keep any meat eater happy. Seafood however, remains the top seller. Traditional recipes to tickle your taste buds served plain or spicy

” A constant commitment to quality and a fierce refusal to compromise has and will keep Beira Alta flourishing for many years! “

Beira Alta’s House Rules

1. We only use the freshest produce available. Daily selection may vary, please ask your waiter for today’s selection.
2. Steaks cooked medium well to well are not recommended.
3. We regret, no cheques accepted.
4. Service Charge is not included for parties under 10 patrons.
5. Allow + 30 minutes for main meal, as all meals are cooked from fresh.
6. Variations to the menu will result in a delay in preparation time.
7. All extras will be charged for accordingly.
8. Please ask your waiter for our daily specials.
9. Beira Alta supports a healthy lifestyle for all.
10. We will not tolerate abusive patrons, we reserve the right to service.
11. Children are most welcome, please look after them and be considerate of other patrons and staff.